Daytime Art Classes for Homeschool Students

Wednesday, November 02, 2022
10:00am - 12:00pm

The Inner-City Neighborhood Art House now offers ART CLASSES for homeschool students!

Students ages 7 and up are invited to join us Wendesday mornings from 10 am- 12 pm for interactive art lessons taught by experienced teachers. Classes are offered in six-week sessions. There is a $30 fee per six-week session which covers materials and instructor salaries.   

Class structure & more information:  This is a 'drop off program.'  Each day students spend one hour learning about art history and working on a hands on project based on a specific artist with Jonilee Hlusko who is an experienced and certified art teacher. So far, students have studied Piet Mondrian and Edvard Munch. They also spend an hour with a guest artist from the Erie region who shares examples of their own work and teaches a lesson based upon their art form. Our guest artists to date have been Christine Bowler, who taught students about painting skies, Mary Kay Geary, who taught students about shading and drawing with charcoal and Caelin McDaniel who taught students about working with clay.  Guest artists for the second session will include a mural artist, an illustrator and a sculptor! 

Please note: Students will be expected to work in a structured instructional environment.  If it is determined that students are not ready, they will be asked to leave the program without a refund of fees.  If individual supervision is needed, it will be the responsibility of parents or guardians to provide it. 

A limited number of scholarships are available.  If your family is interested in participating and financial assistance is needed, feel free to inquire.  For general questions regarding homeschool art lessons or scholarships opportunities, email or call the Art House and ask for Sarah Everett, Community Art Director.  

Spring registration is now available! There are 3 sessions of classes to choose from- January 4th- February 8th, February 22nd- March 29th, April 12th- May 17th.

For students who have already been a part of homeschool classes who would like to take part in an intensive mural painting class with Erie artist Steve Mik, please visit the 'Homeschool Art Intensive' page to learn more about an opportunity for advanced study during homeschool classes!