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A Silent Auction Featuring Work by Outstanding Artists
Posted on September 3rd, 2021 at 10:50 AM
A Silent Auction Featuring Work by Outstanding Artists

Our Taste of the Arts 'Art Market' opens to the public on September 14th and we’d like to take some time to highlight the wonderful support that we have received from Erie area artists!  Every year in addition to selling one-of-a-kind artwork by Art House students, we seek donations from established artists to sell in our Silent Auction.  Typically artists who donate a piece receive two complimentary tickets to Taste of the Arts and have the opportunity to meet and greet perspective bidders throughout the evening.  In a virtual format, we are just relying on the kindness and generosity of individual artists.  We weren’t sure what to expect as we set out to plan this year’s virtual auction.  As you will see, we have been blessed with an incredible outpouring of support!  Twenty-two pieces of artwork are available to bid on, which is the largest selection we’ve ever been able to offer.  Starting bids range from $30 to $500.  We are so very grateful to each individual who was willing to give of gift of their work to our fundraiser.  As an artist, it takes a great deal of time, specialized materials and passion to create a piece of artwork.  Thank you to Randi Bert, Ben Davis, Evan Everhart, Mary Kay Geary, Laura Gooley, Kathy Green Griffith, Marie Spaeder Haas, Amy Hahn, Barb Hauck, Cheryl Johnson, Lena Logvina & Stephen Trohoske, Brian Pardini, Frances Rosiak, Janice Tobin, Helen Tullio, Kent Williamson, Cathy Zacks, Greg Zbach and an Anonymous Fiber Artist.  We feel that it is an honor as well as a reflection of our regard in the community to be able to present a silent auction featuring so many phenomenal pieces!

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Evan Everhart
Randi Bert
Laura Gooley
Greg Zbach
Lena Logvina and Stephen Trohoske
Kathy Griffith
Frances Rosiak
Janice Toobin
Brian Pardini
Ben Davis
Marie Spaeder Haas
Mary Kay Geary
Kent Williamson
Anonymous Fiber Artist
Helen Tullio
Cathy Zacks
Amy Hahn
Barb Hauck
Cheryl Johnson