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June and July news
Posted on July 27th, 2022 at 4:24 PM
June and July news

After a whirlwind summer, the intrepid reporter has been able, at long last, to wipe the paint from her eyes so she can see her computer screen. So what, I hear you ask, does the summer offer to the discriminating art student? Week one had sewing, dancing, knitting, music, storybooks, printing, and gardening. Week two added crafts, wearable art, guitar, and photography. Week three saw the arrival of mosaics, wood-working, digital art, and improv. Do you think we cannot add anything more? You are wrong! Week four debuted classes in lanterns, short story writing, drum circle, and beading. And week five ended strong with the addition of storm drains, clay pots, and plaster. No matter your interest, there was probably at least one class you wished you could take. If you were one of our students, your wish came true! And this does not even begin to mention the field trips to green spaces all around Erie. 

Next stop is the fall term, as the leaves that are now green become gold and red, and the school busses roll through our streets again.

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