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New Art House Video
Posted on November 2nd, 2018 at 1:43 PM
New Art House Video

We are deeply grateful to Erie Insurance's Media Services team who spent many hours volunteering their talents to create an informative video for the Neighborhood Art House. Ed Bernik, a member of the Art House Marketing Committee, headed up the project and served as Creative Director. Other members of the team include Mandy Layne, who served as Producer, Jason Stewart, Videographer, Mike Grimm, Editor, and Jenn Cassano, Graphics. We are grateful as well to Chris Norris who has further edited the video to produce two shorter versions, one emphasizing the value of Art and the other emphasizing the role of donors.

The full video was enthusiastically received at its inaugural viewing during Taste of the Arts. Take a few minutes to view it. You'll see what a gift they have given to the Art House!