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News Around the House 4-29-22
Posted on April 29th, 2022 at 9:38 AM
News Around the House 4-29-22

Your intrepid reporter has been watching the birds flocking to the feeders put out by Sister Pat's gardening class, as the daffodils add their sunshiny splash of color. Soon they will be joined by our sunflowers and some pink flowers that look rather like the hibiscuses that grew in the tropical islands of the intrepid reporter's youth. Dreaming of hot days and outdoor classes, as our bold and ever-faithful maintenance guru sets up outdoor tables, the intrepid reporter is brought back to the here and now by the realization that the Art House's "Art and Sole" Run and Walk 5K is just around the corner on May 14th! And Open House is on May 11th! Clay classes are doing their final glazing and firings. Dance classes are trying on costumes and polishing routines. Sewers sew and painters paint, and teachers anxiously mark the dwindling time!

Here in the house of art daytime classes also continue apace. Tuesdays are now even more lively here as the exercise classes are joined by an open studio. Come bring your art projects, or your energetic selves, to art or exercise! The inimitable community art director, Sarah Everett, will happily take your reservation. On Thursday, May 12th, you can learn to sew a bag or purse on a sewing machine, with the Art House's own sewing machine, Deb Sementelli (in this humble reporter's experience, there is nothing Deb cannot sew!).

The good folk from Erie Insurance and the EITC program stopped by to give the Art House a large check (in both size and a very generous amount! As you see, it took four people to hold it so we could get a picture of it!). Erie Insurance is always so generous in their support for the Neighborhood Art House! And once Deb's class comes, the Art House will have a purse big enough to keep their checks!

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