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The Cranes!
Posted on June 17th, 2022 at 1:33 PM
The Cranes!

Your ever-faithful, and often intrepid reporter was at the library, looking for more information on historical costuming for pidgeons, when she saw a lot of cranes (a thousand of them in fact) flying above. You may or may not remember on the second Saturday in March we gathered here to paint eggs and fold cranes, as a prayer for peace in Ukraine and in our own community - the whole world in the end. The end goal was always to have them somewhere for all to see and join to them their own prayers and wishes. And now, in the Peninsula Room at the Blasco Library, overlooking what was today a deep, deep blue bay, they are there waiting for you. Go see them! And join in their mission - war (and violence) is not healthy for children and other living things (my mother had a rubber stamp with that saying - which you can find on the internet).

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